About Us

Lake Harriet Montessori School is a nonprofit, parent board operated corporation. The school was created in the spring of 1982 by parents interested in providing quality preschool and kindergarten education for their children within a neighborhood setting. When a family enrolls in Lake Harriet Montessori, they become part of a vibrant community and participate in the operation of the school.

The staff at Lake Harriet Montessori School is committed to providing a fun, engaging learning environment for our students. In the Montessori classroom your child is free to pursue areas that hold their interest, thus cultivating a deeper desire to learn. A Montessori student is motivated by their own inherent desire to investigate and explore. The teacher serves as a guide, not as an instructor. Our classroom is a lively area where children are actively exploring and investigating new worlds. We are located in south Minneapolis, near Lake Harriet.