Nut-Free Lunch Ideas

All of the below options are tree-nut free. Tree nuts are: almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachio, pecans, cashews, macadamia, pine nuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, hickory nuts, chestnuts and coconut. However, all processed items should be checked to ensure they come from a tree nut free environment.

Main Courses

Cheese sticks/string cheese/cheese slices and crackers
Bagel sandwiches i.e. bagels and cream cheese with jelly and/or meats cheeses
Cottage cheese with or with out fresh fruit mixed in
Rolled up slices of turkey, ham, tofurkey, etc.
Quesadillas or tortillas rolled up with pickles and cream cheese etc.
Hard-boiled eggs (especially when an egg slicer is included)
Leftovers in a thermos, i.e. pastas, chili, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and chicken nuggets
Refried beans with cheese
Sunflower butter or soy butter as long as they are produced in a peanut/ tree nut free environment
Cucumber slices with cream cheese sandwiches


Vegetable slices
Fruit slices, chunks
Tortilla chips
Sunflower seeds
Dried fruit
Nutra-grain bars


Sour cream
Chili con queso
Bean dip

Desserts (Please no suckers or gum)

Apple slices with caramel sauce or any fruit with a fruit dip
(Yogurt covered) Raisins
Honey stix
Tootsie rolls
Cold cereal w/o milk (i.e. frosted flakes, yogurt covered cheerios, etc.)
Fruit snacks

*Things we’ve noticed*

Prepackaged lunches are rarely finished.
Bread from sandwiches is often left over, sometimes just the meat and cheese is enough.
The smaller the slices the more gets eaten. Many half eaten fruits and vegetables are thrown away.
Dips are always popular and kids eat more veggies/fruit if served with a dip.

When all else fails, ask your children if they want to help pack their own lunch!