A Typical Day

Though there are many days throughout the year when special events occur at LHMS, below is a description of what happens during the course of a typical day at school.

7:30 AM: Free time

9:00 AM: Group

9:30 AM: Morning Snack

9:45 AM: Classroom Work Time

11:00 AM: Gym/Outside

11:30 AM: Lunch

12:30 PM:
Monday – Spanish with Ms. Olga
Tuesday – Yoga with Ms. Niza
Wednesday – Sign Language with Ms. Rane
Thursday – Spanish with Ms. Olga
Friday – Classroom Work Time

2:00 PM: Rest/Nap Time

2:30 PM: Classroom work

3:30 PM: Afternoon Group

4:00 PM: Afternoon Snack

4:30 PM: Gym/Outside

Extracurricular Teachers


Ms. Olga Spanish

Ms. Olga has been teaching Spanish to LHMS kids for over ten years. Her Spanish lessons include songs, games and movement. She uses many visual aids and interactive lessons to retain kid’s interest. Often she brings in interesting cultural items from Mexico, Central and South America. Her lessons include Spanish language instruction as well as introducing Latino culture to the kids. Her warmth and kindness make her a well loved teacher at LHMS.

Ms. Niza Yoga

In every class the children practice elements of Hatha yoga. They are also encouraged to use their imagination by creating poses, and through games. Each class has a different theme such as: A Visit to the Farm, Ancient Egypt, Deep Ocean Dive, or African Safari. The principal focus of the yoga class is to nurture a strong, healthy body, and a calm mind. Yoga is a fun way to get our children moving in an expressive way, while increasing their ability to concentrate.

Ms. Rane Sign Language

Please see the “Our Teachers” tab for more information on Ms. Rane.